PERSUIT & AI: Quickly Uncover the Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Firm with Proposal Analyzer

How do your firms’ proposals compare?

PERSUIT has already saved countless in-house teams from spreadsheet and email purgatory. And now we’re getting ready to do it even better with the new Proposal Analyzer — an AI-powered summary of all proposals submitted for every matter you compete.

Instead of trying to compare pricing items and strategic responses firm-by-firm, in just a few minutes Proposal Analyzer provides you with a summary of each proposal—and highlights key differences between each. 

  • What’s the team structure and their expertise for this particular matter?
  • The composition of their team - are they diverse?
  • The overall fixed fee of the proposal is often broken down into pricing phases - how will each firm approach that phase differently and at what price?
  • What are their strategies and how do they differ? (Not to mention the value-add of getting all of this strategic information from not one but multiple firms before you even select one..)

We know that in-house legal teams are only getting busier, and we want to give them as much of an edge as possible in their decision making. 

Now PERSUIT has harnessed AI to help you move quickly, make better choices, and clearly demonstrate the reasons for your decisions.

How Proposal Analyzer Works

Here are two ways you can put Proposal Analyzer to work for your team. 

#1: Compare all proposals line-by-line using ‘Analyze with AI’

When viewing your proposals, click the ‘Analyze with AI’ button at the top left. Proposal Analyzer will compare law firms across each individual item in a proposal. 

First gif - analyze with ai

As previously said, proposals will contain line items for things like pricing by phase, law firm experience, strategy for approaching this matter, diversity composition of the team, and more. It’s critical to know the differences between each firm line by line, but it can be tedious to pull out the key factors yourself. 

  • Are the strategies similar, or are you missing something that’s critical? 
  • How do the teams compare? 
  • Is the case led by and giving origination credits to diverse attorneys? 
  • How does the price compare by each phase?

These are common questions that you’ll want answers to as quickly as possible. 

Below is an example of how this feature compares a sample questionnaire line item, Strategies for Success. What was once paragraphs of text in each proposal is now summarized in bullets for this line item. 

Second gif - line_items

When looking at the bullets, you’d quickly find that Gleason Law believes that Spalding Co. has strong arguments to contest the class action and proposes to file a motion for permission to file evidence, whereas the other firms didn’t mention this.

These specific mentions can be difficult to pick out and compare on your own. 

‘Analyze with AI’ has these nuggets of information ready for you item-by-item with one click of a button.

#2: Understand overall key differences between proposals using ‘Summarize with AI’

Click "Summarize with AI" on the bottom right and you'll get a rolled-up summary of all proposals, highlighting the key strengths and weaknesses of each one.

Third gif - Summarize with ai

Additionally, when a PERSUIT user drafting the RFP includes written criteria in the scope of their request, Proposal Analyzer will rank the proposals based on how well they reflect that criteria.

If no criteria is listed, Proposal Analyzer is trained to look for most important factors like cost, diversity, and strategy when compiling its rankings.

Find a particular strength of one firm that stands out? Click into that proposal section to dive in further, or go back to ‘Analyze with AI’ to compare that particular line item across firms.

These two aspects of Proposal Analyzer work as a 1-2 punch, so you’re always able to point to the key distinctions between proposals without having to decipher them yourself. Whether you just want the overall summary, or the analysis line-by-line, Proposal Analyzer not only saves you time, it reveals information you may have missed on your own, strengthening your governance around law firm selection.

AI has the ability to reshape the end-to-end process for requesting, evaluating, selecting, and managing outside counsel. And at PERSUIT, we’re just getting started.

Note: PERSUIT is used by the world’s leading in-house legal teams to engage outside counsel in a way that’s more fair, more objective, more diverse, more equitable, and more effective for everyone involved. Learn more about PERSUIT.

Morgan Doyle

Morgan is the Director of Product Marketing at PERSUIT.