PERSUIT Is How GCs, CLOs, and In-house Legal Teams Engage Their Law Firms

PERSUIT is a law firm engagement platform used by the world's most prestigious in-house teams to manage risk, increase diversity, reduce costs, and improve law firm relationships.


The world's leading in-house legal teams use PERSUIT to manage law firm relationships.

Evaluate Firms

reduction in cost spread between firms.

Engage firms for their qualifications, not their discount.

Reduce Spend

average cost savings per matter.

Your CFO will love PERSUIT — for cost savings and predictability.

Increase Diversity

of origination credits for diverse lawyers.

Make DEI a core selection criteria when engaging outside counsel.

"PERSUIT is the most significant element to help the legal ecosystem collaborate better together."

Maurus Schreyvogel
Former Chief Legal Innovation Officer, Novartis


Improve Firm Relationships

Incentivize Outcomes, Not Billable Hours

PERSUIT creates a centralized RFP process and a consistent, phase-based, data-driven process for awarding work. It also creates unprecedented transparency with your firms, helping you improve relationships through reporting.

Establish Governance

Develop Rigor and Oversight

PERSUIT documents your decisions when engaging law firms, establishing rigor, governance, and oversight in an area that has too often been an exception to the rules governing outside vendors.

Predict and Control Costs

Reduce Outside Counsel Spend

Companies using PERSUIT to engage law firms reduce spend by an average of 26% per matter when engaging outside law firms.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Create Real Change in DEI

In-house teams using PERSUIT’s DEI module transform DEI from a “nice-to-have” to a core selection criteria, engaging a diverse lead or second chair on 71% of matters.

Eliminate Busywork

Make Legal More Efficient

PERSUIT’s side-by-side comparisons bring your firm evaluation process into a single place, empowering you to make better decisions, faster — while also documenting and justifying your decisions.

Powerful Reporting

Demonstrate Your Value

PERSUIT’s reporting empowers you with unprecedented insights, giving you the data you need to demonstrate the impact of your legal department for the business.

See for yourself why the world's leading in-house legal teams choose PERSUIT when engaging law firms.

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