The PERSUIT platform

PERSUIT is a collaboration platform. It enables client organisations and branded law firms to create and respond to legal resourcing opportunities for each other.

It works both ways. One side creates an opportunity and decides who to send it to. The other responds with a proposal. They collaborate via private messages on the platform - internally and with each other - to make a deal.


An organisation can make a request to one or many firms. In the same way, a firm can create an opportunity and send it to one or many organisations. These opportunities can take a number of forms.

  • Secondments

    Clients can request secondees and firms can proactively invite clients to consider secondees. Any number, seniority, experience, location or time period. It’s an easy way to fill a gap or reduce temporary overstaffing.

  • Hours

    Clients can specify the number of lawyer hours needed for a transaction, project or time period, including the relevant area of expertise, seniority, experience, qualifications, location and any other requirement. A whole team, or just a lawyer or two to help during a busy period. Firms can identify capacity in the same way (now or in future months) and ask existing or target clients for proposals to buy that capacity.

  • RFP

    An organisation can create an RFP, firms can respond easily on the platform and organisations can compare responses easily. Customised, but simple and automated.

  • Analytics

    Because PERSUIT facilitates the buying and selling of legal services across geographic and expertise boundaries, it collects useful information. As this builds, PERSUIT can make available data to inform important strategic decisions. For example, the availability of particular expertise or demand in specific locations can help drive the supply of and movement of people and services.

How it works

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PERSUIT™ is a collaboration tool because clients and firms can collaborate internally in relation to each opportunity and proposal, as well as with each other to secure a deal. PERSUIT™ allows for internal feedback and approvals before an opportunity is made or accepted.

And what’s the end result? Legal resourcing requirements or capacity met, all in one place.  As well as useful data collated by the platform that you can use to help predict and manage future needs, budgets and availability globally. The benefits for firms and organisations are many.

Benefits for clients

  • Collaborate with leading law firms and lawyers across the world
  • Manage your existing preferred or panel firms seamlessly and more effectively
  • Easily find secondees or resources from existing and new providers
  • Collaborate internally for all your legal resourcing needs
  • Access all your internal and external communications for each resourcing need in one place
  • Negotiate new and temporary rates for particular projects
  • Plan your legal spend with greater control and certainty
  • Take advantage of panel or preferred firm capacity to secure competitive rates
  • Easily create and compare RFPs and firm proposals
  • Reduce costs through PERSUIT™s competitive bidding mechanism
  • Analyse data on legal spend and availability of skills and services globally

Benefits for firms

  • Collaborate with existing and target client organisations across the world
  • Respond to client opportunities both within and outside the usual panel structure
  • Create or be invited to secondment opportunities and other legal project work not otherwise available
  • Collaborate internally on legal resourcing opportunities
  • Access all your internal and external communications for each opportunity in one place
  • Negotiate new and temporary rates without risking existing agreements
  • Proactively manage and optimise utilisation through secondments and forward selling of capacity
  • Gain workforce flexibility without cannibalising brand and reputation
  • Respond quickly and effectively to more client RFPs
  • Increase utilisation with access to new opportunities
  • Analyse data on legal resourcing demand to and the availability of skills and services globally