Frequently asked questions


Is PERSUIT a cloud based solution?

Yes. This means that there is no requirement for any ‘on-premises’ implementation.

Client and Firm users log into the PERSUIT platform through their email and a private password.

Is any kind of integration or configuration necessary before clients or firms start using PERSUIT?

No. Client and Firm users can start using PERSUIT immediately once they have logged in.

Through the ‘Settings’ feature, clients can (if they wish) set up their panel lawyers and work category taxonomy. This helps with data capture and reporting. PERSUIT can also assist with panel and work category set-up if required.

Where does PERSUIT sit in relation to e-billing platforms?

Whilst e-billing platforms focus on capturing and processing legal invoices and savings around that process (e.g. matching invoice narratives against billing guidelines), PERSUIT focuses on the up-front scoping and competitive pricing at the point of buying, where significantly greater savings can be achieved (20%+).

Can PERSUIT integrate with our e-billing/matter management platform?

Yes. This allows, for example, for ‘final spend’ data on matters to be captured and assessed against agreed price, and fed into future buying decisions.

Is the platform mobile optimized?


Success and getting started

How easy is it to get started with PERSUIT?

Super easy. All you need to do is provide us with the names and email addresses of your users, and we will provide each with their private log-in details.

We typically kick off with a webinar during which we demonstrate to clients and firms ‘how to’ features of the platform, following which they’re up and running!

Can PERSUIT be used beyond outside counsel spend?

Yes. We have ensured that the design of the PERSUIT platform is such that it is tailored sufficiently to deal with the nuances of external legal spend, but is flexible enough that it can be used for other professional services both within and outside the legal arena. This is one way that the in-house team can spread it’s success with PERSUIT to other parts of the organization.


Who owns my data on PERSUIT?

You own all the data which you place onto the PERSUIT platform. PERSUIT has the right to use data aggregated on the platform but only in a way that it cannot be attributed to you.

How secure is my data on PERSUIT?

We have developed a Security Pack which explains our system architecture and security features, which typically answers all your security related questions.  We can provide that Security Pack on request.

Law firm experience

Are RFPs directed to law firms or to individuals within law firms?

RFPs are received by the individual lawyers invited to the RFP.  Those lawyers can share the RFP with anyone within their law firm to allow for collaboration in responding to an RFP.

How are law firms notified that they have been invited to respond to an RFP?

Each external lawyer invited to an RFP is notified by email, which includes a link allowing that lawyer to log into the PERSUIT platform.

Can the law firms see which other law firms have been invited to an RFP?

No.  However, if clients enable the ’Reverse Auction’, then the law firms will be able to see, on an anonymized basis, the prices submitted by the competing law firms for that RFP, and where their firm ‘ranks’ on pricing against their (anonymous) competitor firms.

Can law firms revise their prices on PERSUIT?

Yes. The platform allows law firms to revise prices, which is particularly powerful when the ‘Reverse Auction’ feature is enabled. Price revisions are seen ‘real time’ by clients.

How have law firms reacted so far?
  • No law firm has (yet) said ‘we’re not participating’
  • Initial (pre-use) reaction – is PERSUIT a race to the bottom?

Post Use reaction – easy, simple and saves time (and overheads) in responding to RFPs (no need for ‘glossies’)

PERSUIT Application Support​

Keeping you on track

How to activate your account

Click on the email link

Create a password

Enter your email address and newly created password to sign in

Click on email link

To activate your PERSUIT account you should first receive a “Welcome to PERSUIT” email.

Open the email and click on “click here to activate your account”.

image for a successful account thats been created

The link will open up a new web page where you will be asked to create your PERSUIT password.

(If you have not received the email please check your spam or junk mail folder. See “I haven’t received an email from PERSUIT yet” (hyperlink the “xxx”) for more help.


Create a password

Once you create your password click on the CREATE PASSWORD button.

This will take you to the Sign In page.

Create password

Sign in

Once you have signed in you will be registered and ready to experience PERSUIT RFPs.

Welcome sign in

How to refresh the link to activate your account

If you see this message, then the activation link has expired:

NB – The steps for resending the link are the same as for resetting a forgotten password.

5 steps to receive a new account activation link

Just click on the ‘Reset password’ link.​

You will then be asked to enter your email address so PERSUIT can send you instructions.

forgot your password

You will then see this confirmation page.

PERSUIT Password requested

Please note! You will need to check your email inbox. The ‘Password Reset Request’ email from PERSUIT should be delivered. If not, please check your Spam/Junk folder.

You will then receive a Password Reset Request email from PERSUIT. (Even if you need to activate your account, you will still receive this email.)

Password reset request

Click on the link in the Password Reset Request email to access the Create Password screen in PERSUIT.

If you have any questions or difficulties please email

I haven't received an email from PERSUIT yet

Checking your Spam/Junk folder

Your email account will have a Spam or Junk folder especially for senders the system doesn’t recognize. Not all ‘spam’ messages are unwanted. They may be a first time message from an unknown sender. It is useful to check your Spam/Junk folder.

If you are expecting an email from PERSUIT, but you have not received a “PERSUIT Welcome” email, the email may be in your Spam/Junk folder.

3 different ways to check your Spam or Junk folder for a PERSUIT email:

1. The normal search feature. Type ‘PERSUIT’ into the search bar. If there are no results you can do another search and include the Spam/Junk folder in the search parameters. (You will need to access the search settings and adjust to include ‘Spam/Junk’ in the search.)


2. Open the Spam/Junk folder and then use the Search feature. Type ‘PERSUIT’ into the search bar. If a PERSUIT email has been sent to Spam it will show up in this search. You then need to move the email message from the Spam folder to your inbox. The email program will allow you to mark the message as ‘not Spam’ or ‘move to Inbox’ or something similar.


3. Open the Spam/Junk folder and scroll through the messages looking for a message from ‘’. Once you find it move the email message to your Inbox.

If you find a message in your Spam/Junk folder and you move it to your Inbox the email system will know that you want to receive emails from PERSUIT and it should send them to your Inbox in the future.

If you do not find a PERSUIT message in your Spam/Junk folder and you think you should have received an email please contact us at

You can find more help at

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