Why matter management software alone can’t prevent nasty surprises.

Aligning expectations across teams is the first step to ‘fewer surprises’.


PERSUIT lets legal services departments collaborate with internal and external teams to agree objectives, details and budgets.

Having everyone on the same page’ means that the risks of unforeseen variations are reduced and no one is caught off-guard. PERSUIT’s centralised and transparent tools make collaboration efficient and timely, so you can focus on outcomes rather than chasing emails.

The effective way to reduce avoidable variations is to start with a well specified scope of work.

At PERSUIT we understand that scoping can be a complex task, encompassing:

  • Aligning expectations across internal and vendor teams

  • Making well-informed decisions around the core requirements

  • Negotiating the parameters for each area of work.

  • Aligning agreement on budgets, assumptions and exclusions.

PERSUIT’s centralised tool enables cross-team collaboration at all stages of an RFP, from drafting to post-matter evaluation.

On PERSUIT anyone who needs to be ‘in-the-loop’ at the right time can be included, while retaining full visibility and control over who has access.

Controlling costs: PERSUIT helps you apply AFAs and other fee preferences to any part of an RFP.

 PERSUIT loves AFAs. We give you 100% flexibility around what fee structure you prefer, whether it’s one type across the whole matter or different fee structures for different phases.

Our flexibility and centralised collaboration lets you set your fee preferences and negotiate as much as you need to ensure you get the best result.

PERSUIT lets you nail down prices so you can focus on monitoring quality and outcomes.

Jim Delkousis
CEO and Founder
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