Global research confirms the demand for secondments


Given the popularity and demand for secondments in the legal industry, it’s surprising there is so little empirical data available. Not just in relation to secondments in the legal industry, but professional services generally. There is also very little written on the topic.

So when PERSUIT™ decided to create an online marketplace to help clients with their secondment needs, we had to do our own research, to make sure we weren’t trying to solve a problem that didn’t exist.

Late last year PERSUIT™ commissioned The Lawyer to survey large law firms and corporate clients on secondments and flexible resourcing generally. We surveyed 250 law firms, including more than half of the Global 100 and 250 corporates around the world (FTS 100, Fortune 500, ASX 100). This is a summary of the survey results. We believe it to be the first of its kind.

The Popularity of Secondments

  • 86% of law firms surveyed had a policy of encouraging secondments to existing and potential clients. This figure increased to 90% when limited to the Global 100 respondents.
  • 72% of law firms said that during the last three years, demand for client secondments had increased. 53% of law firms said the percentage of their lawyers on secondment had increased over the past 3 years.
  • Demand for client secondments from lawyers within firms had only increased for 28% of the firms surveyed, or stayed the same for 48%.
  • 74% of clients surveyed said secondments are important to developing deep relationships with law firms.
  • 75% of clients said secondments were important to their resourcing strategy.
Jim Delkousis
CEO and Founder
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