Client success stories​

Listen to how Fortune 100 leading in-house legal teams are using PERSUIT to reduce legal spend, implement AFAs, and move away from the billable-hour.

Corteva saved over $2.5M within 2 hours on their first use of PERSUIT!

Corteva launched an RFP utilizing PERSUIT to select a preferred eDiscovery vendor to handle all matters for a 3-year period. By enabling PERSUIT's auto-negotiation feature, 8 vendors reduced their fees by an average of 30%, which led to an estimated $2.5M in savings/year based on saving $256k per matter.

Read how JLL teams streamlined their legal sourcing process and cut their spend utilizing PERSUIT!

JLL's Global CLO, Alan K. Tse wanted to introduce a more competitive and streamlined process for engaging outside counsel; so he worked with his Head of Litigation and Legal Ops to find a best of breed tech solution tailored for engaging external firms, helping drive AFAs, allow for a standardized evaluation process and user-friendly tool enterprise-wide that delivers the ROI! So, they chose PERSUIT!

Allergan client success

See how Allergan saved $1M in 78 minutes with PERSUIT

Allergan's GC Bob Bailey, wanted to introduce a more competitive process for engaging outside counsel in order to control and reduce external legal spend. He asked his Head of Litigation with finding a tech solutions that would be really easy for their attorneys to use, drive greater usage of AFA's, and deliver a really clear ROI.

Shell uses PERSUIT to automate, centralize and track total legal spend using RFPs and AFAs.

Vincent Cordo, Jr., Central Legal Operations Officer and Alexandra Guajardo, Pricing & Analytics Officer at Shell discusses how the anxiety of both outside and in-house counsel experience with AFAs (alternative fee arrangement) is alleviated once a proven centralized, in-house system for RFPs (request for proposal), RFIs (requests for information), and AFAs like PERSUIT is used by the in-house legal department.

Vincent Cordo Jr
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Alan Bryan talking about PERSUIT
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How the Walmart Legal Department Saves Time, Money & Creates Value.

Hear how Walmart’s AGC and Head of Outside Counsel Management, Alan Bryan uses technology to solve an age-old problem within the company’s legal department; from how to optimize people, process and technology to ensure that quality legal services are delivered to all stakeholders under the most appropriate fee arrangement, helping organizations move away from the billable hour, save on legal fees and make more data-driven decisions.

Novartis uses PERSUIT to budget, manage, predict & reduce total Outside Counsel fees & costs.

Delivering tangible results and value to corporate clients is the core mission of all in-house legal departments. Maurus Schreyvogel, Chief Legal Innovation Officer at Novartis, discusses how PERSUIT allows the in-house legal department to create and deliver measurable efficiencies and savings when procuring outside legal services. Using PERSUIT dramatically coordinates and streamlines the old, manual labor-intensive approach of issuing RFPs/RFIs, delivering a data-driven approach to law firm engagements.

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