We love legal, almost as much as we love building software

Clients and law firms felt nothing but pain when dealing with RFPs, so we built the PERSUIT platform to take away that pain.

Our Story

Our time in BigLaw firms showed us the gross inefficiencies in engaging outside counsel - for both corporates and law firms. In the age of technology, where other departments and industries are using sophisticated tools and automated workflows, we couldn’t understand how the legal function was still stuck in manual processes and spreadsheets.

January 2016

Jim ​decides not to die wondering. Resigns as a partner of BigLaw.

January 2016
April 2016

PERSUIT founded​ ​in Melbourne, Australia.

First product release​. Crickets.​

November 2016
January 2017

Second product release. More crickets.

This (shit) is hard.

July 2017
September 2017

PERSUIT’s first (real) customer. Microsoft (A&NZ).

PERSUIT tries the US. It’s do or die. Engage JJELLYFISH in the US.

October 2017
December 2017

We think we might be onto something.

PERSUIT lands Walmart - the world’s largest company.

April 2018
September 2018

37 of Global 50 Law Firms have submitted proposals on PERSUIT.

PERSUIT partners with 10+ Fortune 100 companies.



Built on values

Self Starter

Everyone on our team has the freedom to get results done their way. We breed enthusiasm and expect and empower everyone on our team to own their job; not rent it.


We believe in the human side of B2B relationships. At PERSUIT, we are focussed on real, authentic relationships and true partnerships. This is the cornerstone of what we do and who we do it with.


Everyone gets to throw their ideas forward and we are always learning from one another. As category creators, there is no tried and tested way to do things - together we are creating our own path.


We are on an adventure of disruption and challenging the legal status-quo. Our team are daring, have an appetite for the less worn path and a willingness for the unknown.


Our leadership team consists of lawyers and engineers, providing our team with an acute understanding of the unique requirements of legal and technology, to build a platform that even lawyers love.

Jim Delkousis PERSUIT

Jim Delkousis​


Travis Johnson PERSUIT

Travis Johnson​