A team like no other

The perfect blend of IT experts and legal minds.

Leadership team

Jim Delkousis PERSUIT

Jim Delkousis


Jim founded PERSUIT, in part, to encourage his children not to play it safe, and to follow their dreams. Monkey see, monkey do. He’s also a long time sufferer of imposter syndrome.

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Travis Johnson PERSUIT

Travis Johnson

CTO and office barista

Travis is from Montana, but we don’t hold that against him. He is our tech wizard, but more importantly, our office clown and personal barista.

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Frank Festa Head of Enterprise Sales

Frank Festa

Head of Enterprise Sales

Frank comes from the New York startup scene and leads PERSUIT’s enterprise sales team. When Frank is not making magic happen at the office, you can find him on the slopes, racing his bike, or nearly burning down the kitchen.

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Mark Bilson

Mark Bilson


Mark leads our EMEA business. Now based in London Mark has helped launch new business ventures from Sydney and New York. Outside work Mark loves rugby and running, mainly after his 3 young children.


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David Falstein​ PERSUIT Legal RFP

David Falstein


David comes from the legal sourcing world and loves creative pricing models. When he’s not helping clients build the perfect RFP or AFA, David is probably building a sub-par fantasy football team.

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Brian Gaffney

Brian Gaffney

Head of Engineering

Brian loves building single page apps and epic user interfaces. Brian joined the PERSUIT team because he wanted to ride the journey from idea to tech success.

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Maciek Kiernikowski headshot

Maciek Kiernikowski

Head of Sales & Growth, Asia Pacific

Maciek is an adventure seeker, in work and play. With a passion for fast vehicles and extreme sports, he wishes he was fitter to keep up with his twin 10 yo boys. In summer, you will find him on the lake trying not to hurt himself wake surfing.

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Laura Spalding

Client strategy & Success Manager

Laura is a corporate and commercial lawyer with an obsession with all things legal, tech and entrepreneurship. When she’s not making sure clients have a flawless PERSUIT experience, she’s on a Citibike looking for the best coffee in New York.

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Jerry Zhang


Jerry saw an opportunity to work at an exciting start up with a great team and tremendous growth potential. He enjoys cooking, wine, carpentry, writing, gardening and MMA “(though I’m a bit of jack of all trades, master of none).”


Josh Kalmus

VP Sales, North America

Josh is a commercial lawyer, but stopped practising to join the PERSUIT revolution. Outside work, Josh loves exercising, travelling and being wherever the sun is.

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Nick Bye

VP Sales, North America

Nick comes from the e-Billing world of legal tech, so he gets it. Outside work, you can find Nick at the beach or the local golf course.

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Tim Rezendes PERSUIT Headshot

Tim Rezendes

Enterprise Sales Director

As a corporate lawyer, Tim spent his career advising innovative tech companies in Silicon Valley and New York until finally joining one at PERSUIT.  When not focused on transforming the legal industry, he enjoys culinary-driven travel and a vigorous fitness regimen that includes swinging kettlebells in the backyard and his toddler in the park. 

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Simon McMillan PERSUIT

Simon McMillan

Lead Software Architect

Simon loves to code and eats functions for breakfast. Behind the scenes he lives for photography, guitars and bikes.

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Isaam Saeed PERSUIT

Dr. Isaam Saeed

Chief Data Scientist

Isaam knows everything there is to know as a Javascript Developer. Highly skilled in data analysis, Isaam is a machine in unsupervised machine learning.

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Jason McIver PERSUIT

Jason McIver

Guru Web Developer

Jason dreams about writing code from elegant UI to smart business logic. People are often shocked when they find out he is not a good electrician.

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Rahul Ballal

Senior Software Engineer

Rahul is a digital nomad, having built software for companies across the globe. When he’s not coding, Rahul is doing what he loves – cooking up a storm in the kitchen and posting pictures on Instagram.

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Akshay Harti​

Akshay Harti

Software Engineer (Full Stack Developer)

Akshay is a programming nerd and loves building user-friendly appealing UI. That makes him a perfect fit for PERSUIT. In his spare time, Akshay loves traveling. (What’s not to love?)

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Sana Kamal Profile picture

Sana Kamal

Product Designer

Sana prides herself in being curious and creative and constantly tries to find new problems to solve. When she’s not scheming for world domination she’s in the dojo practicing her choking skills (which we’re all just a little scared of)

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Jack Jumulu

Jack Yumulu

Project Coordinator (Security & Compliance)

Jack has battle scars being relentless with customer service, project management, and process improvements. Within his first few months at PERSUIT he showed us that every organization needs a ‘Jack’ to help them grow up.  When he’s not obsessing over what’s next for PERSUIT (which is rare), he is enjoying family time and loves horse riding.

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Audrey Dotson Headshot

Audrey Dotson

Director of Marketing

Audrey joins us after getting her first taste of the legal tech world and deciding, strangely, that she likes working with lawyers turned tech professionals. She’s lived in NYC for almost 15 years and has avoided becoming overly neurotic or impatient by doing regular yoga and meditation. 

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Cynthia Lareine PERSUIT

Cynthia Lareine

Client Strategy & Success Manager

Cynthia is a UK qualified competition lawyer who has worked extensively within global law firms as a marketing and business development specialist. She is a committed networker/relationship builder and is passionate about improving the relationships between corporate legal departments and their external legal advisors. Outside of work, Cynthia is a busy mum of 3 who enjoys zumba, powerlifting, singing & songwriting. She’s been known to attempt all 4 at the same time. 

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Hayley Harris

Administrative Assistant & Coordinator

Hayley comes from the aviation and customer service world, which helps her thrive in the fast-paced startup world!  When she isn’t assisting the team with RFPs, you can find her playing with her puppy, traveling the globe, or dancing on the beach! 

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Geethanjali Veetil

Software Developer

Geetha is part developer, part tester, and full-time mum!  After years of building and fixing code, she’s on the other side looking for ways to push boundaries and break things instead.

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Evan Lepire

Enterprise Business Development Representative

Evan is from San Diego, CA, and when he isn’t in the office, he’s “an avid skier and outdoor junkie. I’m a firm believer that time is best spent outside with your friends.”

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